Broward County Addiction Recovery Center

Contacts: Bill Conder, Director of Preconstruction; Ana Banus, Estimator

Email: bconder@pirtleconstruction.com; abanus@pirtleconstruction.com

Precurement: Construction Management at Risk


Project Description: The new, two-story, approximately 49,000 SF, Broward Addiction Recovery Center Central, (BARC Central) will replace an aging building currently occupied by BARC in Sailboat Bend for 34 years. The new facility will be expanded from 34 beds to 50, increasing the number of detox patient treatments. The new facility will be an essential facility and will continue to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week with overnight residential accommodations and food service.

Location: between SW 3rd and SW 4th Avenues and SW 27th and SW 28th Streets in the City of Fort Lauderdale

Bids Received: Pirtle Construction Company, 5700 Griffin Rd., Suite 200, Davie FL 33314 Attn: Bill Conder

Plans & Specs: Plans will be accessed via ISQFT.com; to request access to plans, click the applicable link below.

Bond Requirements: All subcontractors’ budgets in excess of $50,000.00 will be required to provide a payment and performance bond in order to be awarded a subcontract. If a payment and performance bond is required, be sure to provide it as a separate cost from the construction budget cost.

Prevailing Wage: This project is subject to and all subcontractors shall comply with the Prevailing Wage Ordinance of Broward County. Please refer to County Exhibit “B” PREVAILING WAGE ORDINANCE – PREVAILING WAGE DETERMINATION General Decision Number: FL140009 02/28/2014 FL09.

Permitting: This project falls under the City of Ft. Lauderdale Building Division jurisdiction and all applicable permit fees shall be the responsibility of the responsible subcontractor. Please visit the City of Ft. Lauderdale Building Division web site for fee guide and include all permit procurement and fees in your proposal.

CERTIFIED BROWARD COUNTY CBE (Community Business Enterprise) Requirements: Broward County and Pirtle Construction encourage participation by certified CBE certified subcontractors. This project has established a participation goal of 28% CBE. Pirtle Construction strongly encourages participation by CBE certified subcontractors and suppliers at all tier levels.

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